CTP Solution R&D

Solution for Humanitarian Sector

We are working on a solution with a vision to help those who cannot help themselves especially the most deprived individuals by finding solutions for the Charity sector that would enable them to streamline their operation and be able to respond promptly to disaster and humanitarian crises.

Cash Transfer Programme (CTP) and its demand

We believe one of the most exciting innovations in the response to humanitarian crises of recent years has been the use of cash. Across the humanitarian sector evidence has shown that there is a growing recognition that cash transfer programming can support people affected by disasters in ways that maintain human dignity, provide access to food and shelter and help rebuild or protect livelihoods. The question is no longer whether cash is an appropriate way to meet the needs of people engulfed in crisis, but how organisations, donors and governments can use cash transfers to best effect.

In 2018 alone there were over 135 million people in need of Aid while only 98 million of them receive aid in the form of Goods, Cash and Vouchers. UNOCHA

Concerns with CTP Solutions

There are a number of issues being faced by the Humanitarian sector due to their dependency on Financial Service Providers (FSP’s) in order to deliver a CTP. One of the key concern is access to identification documents of beneficiaries (Refugees, Internally Displaced People) to fulfil the regulatory requirements from the Financial Service Providers (FSP’s), which in most cases are non-existent. A vital component for charities is to ensure none of the beneficiaries nor the organisation are exposed to potential risks, especially in light of the new regulations on Data protection, Personal information protection these days has become even more significant.

Another aspect the way we see it which is totally against the humanitarian principles is that all these financial service providers including banks, cellular companies, card providers etc run the beneficiaries names against various lists including Anti-Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, Politically exposed personnel, which might lead to situations where assistance to the families including children is not possible.

There is a potential for exploitation and diversion of funds by more powerful people. Cash can be diverted to illegal activities more easily than directly distributed thus higher importance for financial mismanagement and managing corruption.

Our Proposed CTP Solutions

We have completed an extensive R&D by focusing on the current issues faced by implementing agencies whilst rolling out a CTP since 2015 where the team was involved with the assistance provided to the Afghan refugees and the survivors of the devastating floods in Pakistan. Our proposed solution will work towards breaking free from these barriers that currently restrict speed of programme delivery by the sector whilst ensuring that there is an audit trail to fulfil donor requirements. It’s an end-to-end solution ranging from beneficiary on boarding, monitoring and disbursement under one platform

Our solution includes

  • 1. No Cash payment to beneficiary (where applicable)
  • 2. Multiple beneficiary recording and access options (Iris, face, finger print)
  • 3. Localisation of existing vendors on the ecosystem
  • 4. Encrypt and store both beneficiary and vendor data at secure location
  • 5. Point of Sale (POS) with beneficiary identity system to vendor
  • 6. Organisation pay beneficiary only (Fraud reduction)
  • 7. Verifiable transactions for audit
  • 8. Works offline and online
  • 9. Data sharing without compromising beneficiary personal data
  • 10. Secure access
  • 11. Closed loop plug and play solution, which eliminates the need of sharing data with financial organisations
  • 12. Speed of Programme implementation
  • 13. Flexibility to link the system directly with financial systems for proper reconciliation.
  • 14. Managing and mitigating Financial Mismanagement and Corruption
  • 15. Helps in minimising negative coping mechanisms such as selling good received
  • 16. Addresses liquidity constraints
For more details please contact us on info@3mbsolutions.co.uk