Ebay Sorting Solution

Ebay Sorting Solution

Ebay and other similar platforms, which are accessible and being used by most of the people these days. Provides the sellers to purchase items as per their requirements and at the convenience of buying whilst sitting in their premises.

We understand that in order to compete sellers go through a lot of stages and hassle for them to be considered as a top rated seller. One of the biggest pain points for all such sellers is to ensure prompt processing of their orders, whilst ensuring there is an audit trail. Being jumbled with a lot of orders and manually segregating the orders often result in incorrect orders being dispatched, not being able to meet the deadline for the special delivery orders and delays in extracting the actual postage items from the inventory.

3MB Solutions gives you an online eBay Sorting Solution that thoroughly streamlines the sellers sorting and saves precious time plus brings in efficiency. Sellers with a click of a button would be able to see in a snap shot the total number of items that needs to be dispatched along with segregation of the delivery option selected. Resulting in promptly obtaining the orders and dispatching them.

This solution does not only saves labour cost but also saves you the hassle of managing your inventory / stock on daily basis.

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